ISCOMS Charity 2018 - Edwin van der Sar Foundation


June 4, 2018 - June 8, 2018
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ISCOMS charity 2018
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ISCOMS charity 2018

Every year, the organisation of ISCOMS contributes to charity. This year we are supporting the Edwin van der Sar Foundation. The Edwin van der Sar Foundation realizes projects to support people with traumatic brain injury. Through sport- and physical projects they aim to improve the aspects of care and rehabilitation. Their involvement is both financial and substantive. For the realisation of the project they work together with national parties. Medical expertise is an important part of the foundation and it serves as a stimulating and binding factor between the patient, rehabilitation centres, hospitals, care facilities, insurance companies, and so forth. The foundation’s brand is used to create awareness and highlight the challenges these patients face. 

To raise money, the Organising Committee will partake in the ‘Nacht van Groningen’. This is translated to 'Night of Groningen', which is an annual running event. We are going to push our boundaries, and try our very best during the 10-, 16- or 21 kilometers. All our months of training will lead up to this day, on the 17th of March.

Naturally, we appreciate any support you are able to give us and hope that you donate to this cause! 

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